“Je ne pense pas que c’est un moment de revenir sur ce qui a été dit ou fait” (Jeannine Mabunda)

Sur convocation du président de la république, il s’est tenu une réunion tripartite entre le président Félix Tshisekedi, la présidente de l’Assemblée nationale Jeannine Mabunda et le président du sénat, Alexis Tambwe Mwamba. À l’ordre du jour, la situation actuelle du pays, le congrès convoqué il y a peu par […]

Renewable energy storage giving a new lease of life to end-of-lifecycle mine shafts

A UK-based start-up has raised seed capital to finance an innovative idea which hopes to use old mine shafts to generate clean electricity at half the cost of lithium-ion batteries. The new power source, dubbed “gravity energy” is being developed by Gravitricity, and mimics hydropower projects which have played a […]

Flattening the curve – How oil and gas is contributing to the global COVID-19 battle

Sharing inspiring stories from across the sector The effect of COVID-19 – combined with a price war between China and Saudi Arabia – on the oil price during the past weeks has had a sobering effect on industry veterans and general consumers alike. However, whilst making difficult decisions and sweeping […]

Dual Threat: How are African Producers Reacting to COVID-19 and the Oil Price Crash?

What do the current crises mean for the continent’s oil and gas sector? There is no doubt that Africa will, at least in the short-term, suffer greatly under the dual threat of the COVID-19 pandemic and historic oil price crash. Many of the continent’s economies, including Nigeria, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, […]

The Impact of COVID-19 on Sub-Saharan Oil Producers: Spotlight on Angola

Africa’s second largest producer takes stock It’s been 4 months since the outbreak of COVID-19 triggered factories and industries to close across China – and Sub-Saharan oil producers, such as Angola, are starting to feel to strain. Angola is currently the second-largest African crude oil producer, and the resource accounts […]