Ministre des Mines en RDC: “Nous souhaitons positionner la RDC comme principal producteur de cobalt sur la scène internationale »

Après le panel d’ouverture du 17 juin au début de l’évènement numérique DRC Mining Week, le Ministre des Mines du pays, Professeur Willy Kitobo Samsoni, a accepté de rester en ligne et de passer du temps à répondre à certaines des questions soumises par le public lors de la session […]

DRC Mining Minister: “We want to position DRC as a key cobalt producer on the international stage”

Following 17 June’s opening keynote panel at the start of Digital DRC Mining Week, the country’s mining minister, Prof Willy Kitobo Samsoni, agreed to stay online and spend some time responding to the questions that had been submitted by die audience during the live session. The moderators were Louis Watum, MD […]

Barrick, Standard Bank et d’autres entreprises de premier plan soutiennent l’événement numérique DRC Mining Week

« Le secteur minier désire se connecter et faire des affaires » Le géant mondial de l’exploitation minière, Barrick, le célèbre banquier, Standard Bank, et le spécialiste des services miniers Fraser Alexander font partie des acteurs de l’industrie minière qui soutiennent l’événement numérique DRC Mining Week qui se déroulera du […]

Barrick and Standard Bank among leading firms to support Digital DRC Mining Week next week

“It is clear that the mining sector is eager to connect and do business” Global mining giant Barrick, leading sector banker Standard Bank and mining services specialist Fraser Alexander are amongst the mining industry’s who’s who that have pledged their support for the upcoming Digital DRC Mining Week that is […]

DRC mining in post-COVID: “Survival of the fittest”

While some mining operations in the DRC have been able to continue production despite COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, experts agree that the country’s mining industry faces a tough post-pandemic period, although this also provides opportunities for investors. Several DRC mining industry pioneers have shared valuable, up-to-date insights and reports from mines […]

DRC Mining Week launches free digital conference and webinar series from May to September

“We are keen to support our customers and innovative channels are needed” The organisers of the DRC Mining Week exhibition and conference have launched an exciting digital conference as well as a series of topical webinars. The 16th edition of the Lubumbashi event was due to take place from 17-19 […]

Bigger-than-ever DRC Mining Week will focus on battery metals, finance and junior mining in June

The Honourable Prof Willy Kitobo Samsoni, DRC’s Minister of Mines will address the opening session of this year’s DRC Mining Week exhibition and conference, taking place in Lubumbashi from 17-19 June. This will be the 16th edition of the event, which has grown substantially over the last few years to […]